Welcome to our practice! We believe strongly that good medical care for your pet starts with a solid partnership between you, the pet parent, and our team of medical professionals. Partnership requires good communication and general agreement to the terms of the relationship. Please review our clinic policies below. By becoming and continuing as a client of our practice, you explicitly agree to these policies.

General Agreement

We expect clients to be honest in their communications with us. We will make every effort to clearly communicate expectations and recommendations. We understand that every family situation is unique and we pride ourselves on working to find practical solutions within the bounds of medical standards. We will be unable to continue to provide care to clients who demonstrate a sustained inability or unwillingness to participate in their pet’s medical care.

Appointment Policies

Patients are seen by appointment. We reserve several time slots each today to accommodate same day appointments and these fill on a first call, first served basis. Patients needing an appointment will be triaged by the staff and scheduled appropriately. If an appropriate time slot is not available and the patient needs to be seen, an Urgent Care visit will be scheduled. Urgent care visits are charged at a higher rate than regular medical visits.

Office visits are charged for the concerns brought to or addressed at that visit. For instance, if a technician appointment is scheduled, but the client wishes to ask about a problem requiring a doctor, then an appropriate doctor office visit will be charged.

Dogs must be on 6 foot or shorter leash while on the premises or outside our building. Flexi-leads are not permitted. Owners must be able to control their dogs within our facility. If a dog shows signs of aggression, the owner must be able to place a muzzle safely on their pet.

Cats must be in carriers or harness and under control at all times.

Tardiness, Missed Appointments and Cancellations

We make every effort to remain on time with our appointment schedule, but occasionally we may get behind schedule in order to treat another client’s sick pet. We ask for your understanding in these situations, and we will try to keep you informed of any delays we may be experiencing. In such cases that we are behind schedule and you wish to reschedule your pet’s appointment, general cancellation/no show policies will not apply.

Clients arriving 10 minutes late for their appointment will be worked into the schedule as we are able. If you are late for your appointment, you may need to wait to see the doctor. Clients arriving 20 minutes late may be asked to reschedule.

We request a 24 hour notice of cancellation. All surgeries require 48 hour notice of cancellation.

Clients with more than 2 no-shows (missed appointments) or cancellations with short notice will be required to leave a deposit for future scheduling. A credit card on file will be required to secure future appointments.

Payment Policies

Payment is due in full at the time of service. We accept cash, check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, or Care Credit. In extenuating circumstances, we may agree to payment plans for certain clients. Payment plans are only available at the discretion of management and for clients with greater than 12 months history with our clinic, who have demonstrated good payment history in the past, and who also demonstrate good medical compliance with their pets. A finance charge is applied to any account balances extending beyond 30 days, including those placed on a payment plan.

Returned Checks

Any client with a returned check will be charged a returned check fee of $25 and the balance placed on the account. We will contact you for immediate alternate payment, and your account will be converted to a cash or credit card only account.